9 Ways to Honor Those Who Have Served Our Country this Veterans Day

Few groups deserve our recognition, respect and gratitude more than the brave men and women who have served in the U.S. military. These upstanding individuals sacrifice so much so that we can preserve our way of life.

This November 11th, on Veterans Day, we would like to extend our sincere thanks to veterans who have served so selflessly and courageously.

At Sonida Senior Living, we’re proud that many veterans have chosen to call our Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care communities their home.

No matter where you live or how much time you have to dedicate, there are a multitude of ways to honor a veteran — whether a loved one or stranger — who has spent his or her life protecting our values and democracy. Here are 9 ideas to consider!

1. Say “thank you!”

 If you personally know a veteran, whether they live close by or states away, make an effort to simply say “thanks!” If your schedule is hectic and you don’t have time for an in-person visit, a quick phone call or text is sure to be appreciated.

2. Write an old-fashioned letter or send a care package

Looking for something a little more personal than a text or email? Send a veteran a handwritten letter or care package with a small gift and some of their favorite snacks. This is an especially considerate option because vets can treasure your letter or gift for years to come!

3. Treat a vet to lunch, dinner or a cup of coffee

Inviting a veteran to a popular local restaurant or cozy coffeehouse is guaranteed to make their day. Prepare a few questions to ask about their time in the military. Being the center of attention for an hour or so will be an even better treat than the meal!

4. Offer to help with household chores

This small act of gratitude speaks volumes. If you have even half an hour to spare, offer to help a vet with household tasks such as vacuuming, dusting or laundry or mowing the yard.

5. Make a commitment to volunteer

With the aid of the Internet, finding meaningful volunteer opportunities is virtually effortless. Search the Veterans & Military Families category on www.VolunteerMatch.com to find a hospital, charity or other organization that needs help near you!

6. Donate to a cause that supports veterans

Even a small donation is money well spent when you’re supporting our country’s servicemen and women. Consider making a donation to groups such as the Wounded Warrior Project or USO, and encourage your friends and family members to do the same.

7. Invite a veteran to speak at your child’s school

Many children don’t fully understand the sacrifices veterans have made to protect us and our freedoms, but you can do something to change that! Ask your child’s principal if they accept visiting speakers. If they do, invite a veteran to talk about their experiences or host a Q&A session at your child’s school.

8. Support veteran-owned companies

The Census Bureau estimates that there are nearly 2.5 million veteran-owned businesses in the United States – that’s nearly 10 percent of all businesses nationwide. Find a veteran-owned company near you and pay them a visit today!

9. Attend your local Veterans Day parade

Bring the whole family to your city’s Veterans Day parade and show your support in person! Check with your local VA office to get details about Veterans Day events and celebrations in your area.

Whether you have five minutes or five hours to spare, you can make a huge difference in a veteran’s life this November 11th. If you are a Sonida Senior resident or have a loved one who lives with us, visit the “Community Life” section of their community’s website to see what events are planned not only for Veterans Day but for the whole month.

***This blog post has been edited after its original posting date. 

Sources: U.S. News & World Report, Mic.com, Veterans United Network

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