A Senior Guide for Staying Active During the Winter Months

For many of us, winter can seem like a never-ending season with little sunshine and snowy, cold weather. Isolation and loneliness during the cold months are a real issue—especially for seniors. It’s important to remember that staying active on a daily basis will help stave off depression and will keep your body in overall better health.

Here are five ways seniors can stay active during the winter months while keeping healthy in both body and mind.

Work on your balance

Many seniors who don’t exercise regularly have expressed their fear of falling as one of the reasons why they don’t keep active. Carve out just a handful of minutes each day to help improve your balance and your confidence. Staying mobile and steady on your feet can help keep you independent and help prevent falls. Here are some simple exercises you can start today to help maintain your balance as you get older.

Stretch often

It doesn’t matter what your age is, stretching and improving flexibility are both important to function and perform basic daily activities. However, as we age, our muscles become shorter and lose their elasticity, which in turn causes a decreased range of motion. These easy stretching exercises will improve your flexibility and keep or improve your range of motion. Many stretching exercises can be done while sitting in a chair too. The main takeaway is to stretch key muscle groups at least 10 minutes twice a week.

Engage in low impact exercises

A simple stroll around the block, a spin on a stationary bike or a water aerobics session are all examples of great, low impact exercises. They not only burn calories, but these exercises help your joints and bones while keeping osteoporosis and arthritis at bay. Check out these low impact exercises and how each exercise can benefit your body. 

Try recreational games and sports

Keep your mind and body sharp by taking up a game with a group of friends. Many of our senior living communities offer a billiards room with a pool table and other games like air hockey and darts. Other great games to try include bowling, shuffleboard and bocce ball.

Enjoy one-on-one training

Working one-on-one with a certified personal trainer is a great option to keep you motivated and moving. Personal trainers help develop a custom workout based on your specific needs, abilities and preferences. This gives you the opportunity to find the best exercises for your lifestyle.

It doesn’t matter what activity you choose to keep you moving. The important thing is to choose something. Regular physical activity and staying active will keep you feeling your best—both physically and mentally—throughout the winter months.

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Three senior men laughing while exercising together.
Three senior men laughing while exercising together.

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