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35 Sonida Communities Recognized by U.S. News & World Report Best Senior Living

35 Sonida Senior Living communities were recently recognized as top-rated communities on the U.S. News & World Report’s Best Senior...

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Healthy and Tasty Make-Ahead Meals for Seniors

There’s nothing like a nutritious meal to make you feel satisfied and renewed. But as we age, it can be...

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10 Board Games to Help Seniors Battle Boredom and Reap Health Benefits

Games may be very entertaining for seniors, their friends and their children and grandchildren, but they also have major health benefits such as relieving stress and combating...

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Three Sugar Alternatives for Health-Conscious Seniors

Life is sweet. Too sweet, sometimes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Americans are consuming too many...

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Virtual Reality Allows Seniors To Experience a Whole New World Right at Their Fingertips

Virtual reality can be a positive outlet for seniors to socialize and engage in activities that maybe they stopped doing because of the aging process. From traveling around the...

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Senior Living Community Spotlight: The Waterford at Fairfield

What makes our Fairfield community special? The Waterford at Fairfield is focused on providing seniors with unique and rich life...

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Hearing Loss in Seniors: How to Choose the Best Hearing Aid

Feeling connected to the people around you is important for good health. But that can be a challenge when it’s...

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Seniors: Plan Ahead to Make Your 2023 New Year’s Resolution a Reality

A new year, a new beginning. The calendar page has turned, you’re feeling inspired and motivated, and your New Year’s...

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Working Together to Keep Residents Safe During a Historic Winter Storm

Right as the 2022 holiday season was kicking off, a powerful winter storm swept across the United States. Keeping Sonida residents...

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