Magnolia Trails™

Individualized memory care in a homelike environment designed to engage residents’ five senses and care for the whole person – mind, body and spirit.

A group of seniors enjoying a seated exercise class at a Sonida Senior Living memory care community.

Care with dignity and respect

Let our trained caregivers handle the details of daily living so you can focus on sharing moments with your loved one.

Senior woman smiles while hugging an Elvis impersonator at Riverbend, a senior living community

Personalized care

We understand the range of emotions that comes with caring for a loved one with dementia. It can be a tough, challenging time, but we believe it can have smiles and laughs, too. When you put your trust in us, you can feel confident and at peace that your loved one is getting the high-quality, personalized care they deserve.

Qualified staff

Our Magnolia Trails communities and teams are specially trained and certified in memory care. All staff must complete training and pass a dementia care exam prior to working with residents.

Engaging activities

Our staff is trained in dementia-specific activities. Magnolia Trails Directors create the best possible, unique calendars that meet the emotional, physical and psychological needs of their residents.

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senior man smiles while playing bingo
senior man smiles while playing bingo

Our approach is a unique one

Our caregivers go beyond the typical management of dementia to work with families and their loved ones’ health care providers to care for the whole person—mind, body and spirit.

We spend a lot of time getting to know your loved one so we can tailor the days to meet them where they are in each moment. The program is designed to engage the five senses to create calming yet stimulating spaces and tailored care plans that meet residents’ changing and evolving needs. 

Each resident’s preferences and current cognitive state influences his or her experiencefrom the physical layout and design of the space, to dining options, to programs and activities.  

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My mom seems like she is living her life now and not just existing. Since the Magnolia Trails program started, she is more talkative and is interacting more with others. Family member

Five Pillars of Magnolia Trails

Magnolia Trails focuses on five pillars of care that are the framework for our distinct approach to memory care. The pillars guide us as we provide residents with tailored care plans designed to meet them where they are on their journey at any given moment. This determines how we interact, the activities we propose, the environment we create and the type of food we provide.

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Focusing on Care First

The care of your loved one comes first. This means that our residents drive every aspect of the experience we provide from the physical layout and design of our communities to dining options, programming and activities.

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Creating Environment

We take great strides to create physical spaces that feel fresh and familiar where our residents are engaged and calm. By adjusting the decor, sounds, smells, touch and taste, we strive to make your loved one feel as comfortable as possible.

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Embracing Moments

Our programming is responsive and offers flexible timing for residents, enabling them to choose their activities throughout the entire day. Creativity Boxes offer activities of engagement, and Life Stations are always available.

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Making Family Connections

We’re committed to providing family members with tool kits and guides to help you understand dementia and the care that is needed. You can count on ongoing collaboration and consistent communication regarding your loved one’s care. Our team shares real-time photos and video and updates about your loved ones via Facebook, so you’ll always feel connected.

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Providing Food and Nutrition

Our dining program focuses on proper nutrition, dignity and a welcoming environment. We provide fresh food choices, a comfortable atmosphere and a variety of seating options to accommodate needs. We’re dedicated to ensuring your loved one receives healthy, nourishing meals and snacks to optimize their health.

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two senior women smile while doing crafts together
two senior women smile while doing crafts together

How can we help?

We know dementia can take a big toll on family members and caregivers. It can be exhausting physically and mentally, cause financial strain and add a lot of stress to daily life. Often, family members give up personal activities in order to care for their loved one around the clock. Turning to outside help gives you a needed break with the assurance that your loved one is being cared for respectfully and happily.

It’s here that Magnolia Trails can help.

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