Providing Proper Nutrition and Meals Makes a Difference

Ensuring memory care residents are properly fed with plenty of nutritious options may often be overlooked in memory care facilities. Some may assume that those living with memory loss don’t realize their food options and surroundings, so it doesn’t matter.

At Magnolia Trails communities, we focus on proper nutrition, dignity and a welcoming environment for all our residents—it’s one of our 5 pillars of care that sets us apart.

Variety throughout the day

Serving sub-par food can result in memory care residents eating less, enjoying dining less and declining faster. It’s our goal to optimize their health by providing three nutritious meals served restaurant style. A dynamic menu of fresh food choices keeps residents engaged and enjoying mealtimes. We strive to make the food as visually appealing as possible and always cater to specific dietary needs.

Snack time? Yes please! We all like snacks throughout the day, and it’s no different in our communities. Our always-available menu of snacks and beverages nourish and hydrate residents any time they’re hungry or thirsty.

The response to our dining program has been amazing. One family says, “Our mother loves the food!” While another family says, “The variety is good, and there are options if you don’t want what the main meal is.”

Served with dignity

Getting people living with dementia to eat can sometimes be tricky. Our team members are always available to help. We bring meals directly to the table and adapt the food that’s served based on each resident’s particular needs.

“The staff has to prompt her to eat, but they are able to get her to eat more than we could at home!” says one family member.

Our team members understand that people living with dementia deserve the same dignity and dining experience as everyone else, so we do what’s needed to make that happen.

Environment matters too

You won’t find cold, sterile dining rooms in our communities. We think the atmosphere is just as important as nutrition. We enjoy playing soft music to create a calm, relaxing environment. We cater to individual needs with flexible seating options at small tables and offer interactive tables for residents who are more tactile.

Our simple table settings include solid-colored dishes, warm and wet washcloths for each resident and real, reusable plates and utensils.

You’ll quickly see that our teams make dining more than just a get-in-and-get-out experience. Instead, our mealtimes are nourishing and welcoming, because we believe a lot of the moments that matter most happen around the table.

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Discover other ways our program supports memory care residents and their families.