Routines and Schedules Are a Must for Memory Care Centers

Planning activities for our loved ones with dementia is one of the biggest challenges that memory care communities face Yet, it’s perhaps one of the most important needs for those living with dementia and memory loss.

At Magnolia Trails we thrive on routines. In fact, before being hired, a Magnolia Trails Director needs to successfully create a solid dementia care calendar. Doing so ensures that our team knows the importance of planning and offering opportunities where our residents and their families can embrace moments throughout the day.

The Importance of a Dementia Care Calendar

Our Magnolia Trails program is all about enhancing their daily life, right from the get-go. It’s simple: we care, we plan, and we make every moment count. This is at the heart of what we do, ensuring their well-being is always our top priority.  

Establishing a consistent routine is one of the best things you can do for a memory care resident, and their caretakers. It helps everyone know what to expect, and it brings familiarity which can help maintain independence and lower anxiety. Recognizing its crucial role in memory care, we’ve integrated this concept as number three of the five pillars of our memory care program.

Flexible programming tailored to each resident

Before a resident moves into a Magnolia Trails community, the team learns about the new resident through a life history survey called the DECADES™ Questionnaire. It’s our way of getting to know each of our residents: what they like and dislike, their history, their hobbies, etc. We’re then able to weave these items into our activity calendars.

Creative engagement: our approach to activities

Though our days are scheduled, we offer flexibility that gives our residents choices that meet their needs. One important way we do this is through Creativity Boxes which are easy-to-use, pre-made programming boxes that offer activities of engagement. 

Creativity Box examples include…

  • Sorting socks, clothing items, and other soft fabrics
  • Flower arranging
  • Puzzles and matching game 
  • Organizing silverware, and other household items
  • And many other hands-on tasks

Many of our Creativity Box activities involve easy, interactive chores that were once part of our residents’ day-to-day lives. Residents feel great when they’re asked to help with these tasks throughout the day. 

One family member said, “The team genuinely cares about the residents. They try to do the things the residents like to do. Our dad is not a very social man, but we see them trying to include him!”

Interactive Life Stations are always available too. These programs help our residents feel great by engaging with the things they like to do.

It’s important to meet memory care patients where they’re at, and that’s exactly what we do in Magnolia Trails communities. Whether it’s group activities, individual hobbies or family get-togethers, we embrace every moment.

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