The Best Oculus Quest 2 Games for Older Adults in 2023

Virtual reality (VR) games can be enjoyed by all age groups, including seniors. In fact, virtual reality has proven to be a valuable technological tool for people living with dementia by improving social interactions and helping them recall old memories.

Virtual reality allows the user to step into a whole new world and experience a different reality. Users can play action-packed or educational games, visit exotic locations or get a fun workout in; the possibilities are endless.

What is the Oculus Quest 2?

Oculus Quest 2 is a virtual reality headset. There are other headsets on the market, including options from Sony and Lenovo. Oculus Quest 2 is available for purchase at retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart and Target for around $400.

It’s important to note that Oculus Quest 2 is also referred to as the Meta Quest 2 because Oculus is a division of Meta (formerly known as Facebook).

Oculus Quest 2 is an ideal VR headset for older adults because of its simple design, setup and functionality. All you need is a smartphone to connect to the Meta app or website. You can also plug the headset into a PC to access more games.

Top Oculus Quest games for seniors

There are around 200 games offered for the Oculus Quest 2. Some are free while others have a fee. 

If you’re thinking about buying an Oculus Quest 2 for yourself or a loved one (or if you’re already the lucky owner of a headset), here are our top five games for older adults. 

1. Beat Saber

One of the most popular games on the Oculus Quest 2, Beat Saber challenges players to smash cubes that come toward you according to the beat of the music. The cubes come from all directions, so make sure you’re aware of all of your surroundings!

2. Puzzling Places

Love to solve puzzles? This is the game for you. In Puzzling Places, you can complete various 3D puzzles of landscapes and watch them come to life as you build them.

3. Wander

Is there a place in the world you have been longing to see? With Wander, you can! Teleport almost anywhere you want and feel like you are truly there.

4. FitXR 

Participate in exercise classes, including boxing, dance and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). There are new classes every week, and you can play with multiple people at the same time.

5. Smash Drums

Similar to Beat Saber, Smash Drums is all about coordination and putting your rhythm skills to the test. Players beat to the rhythm of various rock and roll songs to make you feel like a real drummer. 

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